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Get to know REX - the waRehouse EXplorer

REX is one of the few Open Source-Tools with a GUI to query a DataWarehouse. REX formulates the queries in the MDX language and needs a XMLA-conformant service, like MS SQL SSAS or Mondrian.

If you decide to test REX but you have no access to a XMLA-conformant service, you may use MS SQL SSAS. Or you may put your test data into a RDBMS database and use Mondrian to provide the XMLA service. The configuration of Mondrian may be time consuming and cumbersome.

To make it easier for you and to share with you our unequivocally positive experience with REX, Collogia AG offers you a StarterKitREX free of charge but without any warranty of its usability for any purpose whatsoever.
In case you'd like to trial REX with our StarterKitREX please eMail your request to StarterKitREX@collogia.de

The StarterKitREX requires Windows XP or newer, with a recent JAVA version and one of the relational database management systems (RDBMS) stated below.

Our approach is based on the use of the Open Source-Components JETTY, Pentaho’s Mondrian and  JDBC for accessing a test dataset stored in your own database. Your database may be MS Access, any of the major commercial RDBMS or Open Source RDBMS like MySQL or MonetDB.

For your information - the Open Source-Components can be downloaded here:

  • JDBC: jtds-1.3.1.jar
    Use your native driver. Exception: For MS SQL only use the open-source-version

Collogia also provides a commercial support package (CollStat), significantly increasing the usability of REX.  CollStat is used successfully in local-government statistical agencies.

If you are interested to know more about CollStat, please do not hesitate to eMail us at CollStat@collogia.de

Your contact

Mr. Hans Kristian Langva

E-Mail: collstat(at)collogia.de
Telefon: +49 (0)221 3 36 08-0

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